Business Requirements

Business Requirements:

In order to provide for a safe and orderly development and operations of businesses throughout the city limits Ordinance 2003-29, the Business Ordinance was adopted on August 19, 2003. The Ordinance provides the minimum building, plumbing, electrical and fire protection standards for commercial facilities. It provides minimum regulations of food establishments, parking requirements, sanitation requirements and site plan requirements.

All new businesses are required to obtain a facilities inspection prior to opening for business. This type of inspection will be done annually for all current business and commercial facilities. All food establishments will be required to obtain and install a grease trap for their facility and to obtain a Health Permit from the Hidalgo County Health Department.

We also have an Ordinance called the Scenic Route Corridor Regulations that gives special design

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guidelines for development along Alton Blvd. (SH 107) from Mile 6 to Mile 4 and along Main Avenue (FM 676/Mile 5) from Moorefield Blvd to Shary Blvd. These areas are dedicated for commercial development and have a C1 and C2 zoning designation. New construction in these areas will be governed by Zoning Ordinance 2001-16 and also by Scenic Route Corridor Ordinance 2012-08-1009 .

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